Maybe you read in the paper about Cincinnati Bengal's quarterback, Jon Kitna. Kitna was credited with being a part of the Cincinnati Bengal's dramatic turnaround. But also, Kitna was fined for wearing a hat with a cross on it at a post game interview. The fine was imposed because players aren't supposed to wear anything other than NFL approved gear. Kitna was willing to pay the fine but the NFL later suspended it. Fans began wearing cross hats like Kitna's at home games. Standing up for the cross is not new for Jon Kitna. In an interview in a local paper Kitna was asked what he was most thankful for. He replied, "The first thing is that whenever I breathe my last breath, the next moment I am going to be looking at Jesus. I'm just thankful that 10 years ago, in October 1993, God grabbed my heart and changed my heart and opened my eyes to what life is really meant to be."


Michael Shannon, Preaching May/June 2004