The remarkable fulfillment of Biblical prophecies stands in stark contrast to the failures of modern prophets. Malcolm Bessent predicted that sometime between 1975 and 1980 New York City would be flooded and uninhabitable. It didn't happen. David Bubar predicted that by the middle 1980's Russians and Americans would try to colonize the moon. It didn't happen. Jeanne Dixon predicted that Jawaharalal Nehru would only be prime minister for 5 or fit the most 7 years. He was prime minister for 14 years. She predicted that the United States would have its first woman President by 1990. It didn't happen.

Olof Jonsson said that by 1980 internal combustion engines would be outlawed in all major American cities. He said that by 1990 major cities would ban private cars and emergency vehicles would be required to use electrically powered vehicles. Neither event happened. A newscaster named Criswell predicted that a woman would assassinate Castro on August 9, 1970; that new islands would appear in the Pacific after a volcano in 1971; that polygamy would be legal in North Dakota in 1985 and that in 1985 Texas would be divided into 3 states. None of these things happened.