Reflections from Candlestick Park: Jonathan Petersen, Director of Media Relations for Zondervan Publishing, was in town launching a book project with San Francisco pitcher Dave Dravecky when the quake hit. Petersen said that in a span of five seconds a flood of questions poured into his mind as he looked up at the massive concrete overhang being supported by a shaking support post. He wondered: "If it falls, will I die?" "If I die, will I see God?" "Is my faith in Christ strong enough?" "Is it true?" "What will happen to my family?" "What if I didn't die; would I be maimed?" "If I didn't die and wasn't hurt, would I be coward and run or would I be brave?" Petersen said that the whole experience reminded him of the "transitory" nature of this life: "You can't depend on a whole lot - except God," Petersen said. A veteran newsman, who headed up UPI Radio's religion desk before joining Zondervan, Peterson noted numerous comments from individuals on how the quake put life into perspective.

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