In the choir stalls of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna you can see carved the letters A E I O U. Indeed you can see them in many places in the Austrian Capital. They stand for a Latin phrase which means "Austria Is Destined To Rule the World." Today Austria is a pleasant little country, beautiful and prosperous, but not a power among nations and in no position to rule Europe, let alone the world. The optimistic pronouncements of the past have been smashed by the hard facts of history.

The Lord Jesus Christ is destined to rule the world. Though today much of the world is in rebellion against Him, He must ultimately reign. Though today much of the world is under that usurper whom Jesus called "the prince of this world," he is destined to be overthrown. The prophetic word of the book of Revelation must come true and the kingdoms of this world must become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He will reign forever and ever.