Aristotle Onassis rose from abject poverty to become one of the richest men in the world. He was the only man personally to own a national airline: Greece's Olympic Airways. He counted his wealth in billions. How did he rise from poverty to wealth? He worked hard. He was intelligent. He was willing to take big risks. And he had an unusual philosophy of life. He expressed it in these words: "The rules are that there are no rules." Many today share that view, even though they never became rich or famous. Interestingly, most people want rules as long as they apply to others. It is only when applied to themselves that they want no rules. But there are rules. There are the Ten Commandments. Of course, the rules of morality were in effect before the Ten Commandments put them in numbered form. They are still in effect today. There is the Golden Rule. There are the two rules Jesus said were most important: to love the Lord and to love your neighbor as yourself. To live without rules would be chaos for yourself and everybody else.