Many born-again Christians cannot recall just when they were saved. Perhaps they grew up in a Christian home and didn't have a dramatic conversion. Yet they love and trust Christ. Some are every sensitive people, and Satan may try to make them doubt their salvation by suggesting that if they can't remember the date of their spiritual birthday, they must not have had one.

G. Campbell Morgan told how he dealt with this problem. He said, "The devil is only too glad to take hold of anything whereby he may unsettle anyone." If the devil says to you, 'You haven't had a birthday,' treat him as I do and say, 'If I never had one, I will have one now.' If Satan is so very particular about a definite date, take this one and say to God right now, 'Here I give my all to Thee,/ Friends and time and earthy store;/ Soul and body, Thine to be,/ Wholly Thine forevermore.'" Jesus said "…The one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out." And that guarantees that any date will do.

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