Two divers found a strange treasure in the River Wear near Durham Cathedral. They found a stash of coins, medals and religious objects. To whom did this treasure belong? They were the possessions of the late Michael Ramsey, former archbishop of Canterbury. This spot in the river was very near where Ramsay served and later retired in 1974.

The genuineness of the hundreds of items has been confirmed by cathedral officials. One of the items was a gift from Pope Paul VI; others are significant archeological items. The question is, How did they get there? Some suggest the items were stolen from Ramsey. One of the divers suggested Ramsey may have thrown them in the river himself—as a symbolic offering to the people of Durham. Another suggestion is that it was a symbolic statement by Ramsey that we cannot take it with us when we die.

If Ramsey did throw the treasures in the river, we might question if that was good stewardship, but it is clear that he did not take them with him. We can't either. The only things that go with us when we die are the treasures we have laid up in heaven.