God-filled people come in many shapes and disguises. During preparation for one of our evangelistic crusades in Latin America some years ago, a very poor, shoeless, unshaven man attended one of our week-long biblical counseling courses.

Generally, the better educated, socially established, and spiritually mature lay leaders of the local churches attend this in-depth training course. So it was unusual to see such a poor man participating, especially considering that he was illiterate. Although he attended every class, we didn't expect him to do much counseling. Little did we realize how much he really learned.

Several weeks later, every available counselor at our center was busy except for the illiterate man. Just then a doctor walked in, requesting counsel. In Latin America, most doctors are sophisticated and fashionable, and this doctor was no exception.

Before anyone could stop him, the shabbily dressed man took the doctor into a room for counseling. When our director discovered what happened, he was a bit concerned. When the doctor came out of the room, the director asked if he could help him in any way. "No, thank you," the doctor replied. "This fellow has helped me very much."

The next day the doctor returned with two other doctors. Our director wanted to talk with them, but the doctor refused, asking for counsel with the shoeless, illiterate man. By the end of the week, that illiterate man had led four doctors and their wives to Jesus Christ. What a glorious servant of the Lord! He couldn't read or write, but he lived a victorious Christian life.

Too often we look on the outside when measuring someone else's spirituality. What really counts is the power of the living Christ within.

Illustration taken from:
 Luis Palau's book, How to Renew Your Spiritual Passion, Discovery House, 1995.