By current standards of success, Jesus might be considered failure. Let's look at how Jesus measured up to these standards:
  • Was he popular? No. He was not will-liked. In fact, after one of his sermons, all of his followers deserted him, except for the Twelve Apostles.
  • Did he have political power? No, He was a political failure. All levels of government first rejected him. Then they conspired to kill him.
  • Did he have lots of friends? No. His friends often hurt him, eventually abandoned him, and one of them betrayed him to death.
  • Did he have money and possessions? No. No house, no "wheels," no world headquarters, no Christian amusement park.
  • Was he respected by his peers? No. His professional peers (Pharisees) rejected his work.

Despite his apparent failure by these standards, Jesus Christ has changed the lives of millions of men and women across the centuries. How could he, in light of his failures?