Years ago, in Manchester England, there lived a factory worker who had a very responsible job. The whistle that marked the beginning and end of the work day was operated by a clock and it was his job to be sure the clock was accurate. So every day on his way to work he stopped by the window of a clock shop. In the window was a very expensive clock and he set his watch by it. Then he set the factory whistle clock by his watch.

The owner began to notice him stopping by the window every day on his way to work, and asked him about it. He explained that he set the factory clock by that fine clock in the window so that the factory whistle would blow on time. The owner laughed. "All this time I've been setting this clock by your factory whistle."

If we measure our lives by the lives of others we will have a poor standard, we will be comparing ourselves with ourselves. Only if we compare our lives to the life of Jesus Christ can we know how closely we measure up, or how far we fall short.