At a luncheon in a certain city a respected millionaire got up to testify that "I owe it all to the Lord." He then shared his secret. "When I was a young fellow, a call was made for me to surrender all. Young as I was, and poor as I was, everything I had I surrendered to Christ. I didn't have much money, but I put it on the table -- all my possessions -- and said, 'Christ, I give everything back to you.'
It was after that that God began to bless me and now I'm a wealthy man.

At that point, a voice from the back of the room shouted, "I challenge you to do it again."

Ever wonder why most of those who respond to the call of a preacher to "surrender" all are young? They don't have that much to surrender -- maybe three T-shirts, two pairs of jeans, and their dad's car keys. But when you get to middle age and you own a house and two cars and a condo on the beach, it's a different story.

Surrender is a fundamental aspect of consecration, but today we want little of it.

Illustration taken from:
 Luis Palau's book, How to Renew Your Spiritual Passion, Discovery House, 1995.