Many regard the Taj Mahal as the most beautiful building ever constructed. Most visitors to India want to see it above all other sights. It was built by Shah Jehan as both a mausoleum and also a monument to his beloved wife.

There is a legend about this famous building. The legend says that during the long process of building the Taj Mahal the emperor often visited the site and that he kept bumping into a dusty box which was constantly in his way. Finally one day he ordered, "Get rid of it!" They did, and only later discovered that the box contained the body of the very woman the building was built to honor.

The story may not be true, but it is certainly instructive. Everyone knows the purpose for Thanksgiving Day, but somehow in the very process of planning the day its purpose gets lost. The God that the day was designed to honor is often given only a courteous nod, and is sometimes ignored altogether.