As an illustration of "learned" scholars tampering with the Scriptures, I quote from a newspaper article: "An electronic computer figures that St. Paul is the author of only four of the 14 epistles attributed to him in the New Testament. Two researchers fed the computer a quarter of a million words of the Greek prose to reach this conclusion. They said the method could be used to determine the authorship of any part of the Bible."

Truly amazing - a mindless machine questioning the Word of God! If its finding were correct, they would make Paul a liar, for he claims the authorship of at least 13 of the epistles. Just think, a lifeless mechanism "proving" that the Bible is not true! The computer is now a disputer. Strangely enough, it was proven by the same computer analysis that the man who wrote the book about these conclusions couldn't have been its author.

-Sermons Illustrated July/August 1990