Did you see the television reports of the extraordinary act of sportsmanship at the college women’s softball game between Central Washington and Western Oregon? Sara Tucholsky, of Western Oregon, hit a three-run home run but blew out her knee while rounding first base. Umpires ruled that she had to be relieved with a pinch runner—and thereby get only a single—or stay in the game. The umpires ruled that no one from her own team could touch her or help her in any way.
Mallory Holtman, of Central Washington, asked if she could help Sara around the bases. The umpires huddled and said that, while unusual, there was no rule against it. Holtman and teammate Liz Wallace picked up their opponent and carried her to each base where she could touch it, thus completing the home run. These teams learned something about life—that there is more than one way to win. Do we get the lesson?