Visitors to northwest Georgia often stop to see Toccoa Falls and Toccoa Falls College. Both are beautiful, as they should be, since the word toccoa means "beautiful" in the Cherokee language.
Behind the founding of the Bible College is a beautiful story of trust. Dr. Richard A. Forrest began the school in North Carolina, but after only four years decided to move it to Georgia. The land where the school now stands was owned by a local banker. Forest asked if he could buy the land. He had a total of $ 10. The price of the land was $ 25,000. He told the banker he would give him the ten dollars. "I will owe you the other $ 24,990, if you will trust the Lord and us." "I can trust the Lord," replied the banker and he sold him the land.

If the question is "Can you trust the Lord?" the answer is always Yes. If the question is "Will you trust the Lord?" then we have to decide the answer for ourselves. Certainly the Lord is worthy of our trust, if only our faith is strong enough to trust Him.