Static on the Line
Static on the Line

[Part 2 of Can You Hear Him Now? Sermon Series; see Part 1]

It's Unavoidable!

Acts 15:35-41 and Acts 16:1-10 / Romans 7:15-25

  • Two Great Men - One Confusing Mess
  • Question of the Day: If it's so easy, why couldn't THEY get it right?

What Causes Static on the Line?

1.  Our SIN

Isaiah 59:1-2 / Romans 1:18-32 / Numbers 15:27-29

  • Intentional
  • Unintentional


Isaiah 55:8-9 / 1 Corinthians 13:9-12 / 1 Peter 1:10-12

3.  Spiritual WARFARE

Daniel 9:20-23 and 10:11-14 / Mark 6:1-6

Clearing the Static

Proverbs 1:23-31

  • Obey whatever is crystal clear and remove any known sin.
  • Get an extra set of ears.

If the Line Seems Dead

  • Do a sin check
  • Do a freedom check

Food for Thought

(Questions and Scriptures for further study)

1.  This week we heard about how to clear the static on the line when it comes to hearing God speak. One of the most important steps to take is to remove any known sin. In Psalm 139 David is angered by those opposing him and calls out to God to take some action. As you read this passage, answer the questions below.

What can we learn about spiritual static on our line from David's situation and experience in verses 1-18?

How is David's response to God in verses 19-21 different than how many people today think we should talk to God? How do you think most people hearing a modern-day David speak this way would think God would respond?

What is the key to David getting the static off his line even in this heated situation (see verses 23-24)? Is this a prayer that might be important to add to your prayer with God? Would it be worth occasionally asking your friends the same question?

2.  Part of getting the static off the line is involving other people in our lives. What do the following verses suggest about how this might look?

Is there anything you need to do to move in the direction of developing these kinds of relationships?

3.  Another thing that puts spiritual static on the line when we try to hear God is our own limitations as human beings. How do the following verses help us stand strong even though all might not be clear as to what God is saying or how He's leading?

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