Psalm 109:6

6 Appoint someone evil to oppose my enemy; let an accuser stand at his right hand.

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Set thou a wicked man over him: and let Satan stand at his right hand.
Appoint a wicked man against him; let an accuser stand at his right hand.
They say, “Get an evil person to turn against him. Send an accuser to bring him to trial.

What does Psalm 109:6 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Psalms 109:6

Set thou a wicked man over him
Or "them", as the Syriac version; over everyone of his adversaries, and all of them: and which may be interpreted, as it is by Cocceius, of tyrannical princes and governors, set over the Jews, as Tiberius, Caius, Claudius, Nero and their deputies, Pilate, Felix, Festus, Florus; all wicked men, and which were a judgment on them for their usage of Christ. Though here some single person is designed, even Judas, notorious for his enmity and ingratitude to Christ; and by the wicked one set over him may be meant Satan, as in the next clause, as he is sometimes called, ( Matthew 13:38 ) ( 1 John 5:18 ) , into whose hands and power Judas was put, under whose influence he was; who entered into him, took possession of him, and put it into his heart to betray his Master, ( John 13:2 John 13:27 ) .

And let Satan stand at his right hand;
to direct and influence him, to solicit and tempt him to do the evil he did, and to accuse him for it when done; see ( Zechariah 3:1 ) .

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