Psalm 119:23

23 Though rulers sit together and slander me, your servant will meditate on your decrees.

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Princes also did sit and speak against me: but thy servant did meditate in thy statutes.
Even though princes sit plotting against me, your servant will meditate on your statutes.
Even princes sit and speak against me, but I will meditate on your decrees.

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John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Psalms 119:23

Princes also did sit [and] speak against me
The princes in the court of Saul, who suggested to him that David sought his hurt; the princes of his own court, Absalom, his own son, a prince of the blood, and Ahithophel, a counsellor of state: or the princes of the Gentiles, as Jarchi; so the princes of the Philistines spake against him in a very disdainful manner, "make this fellow return to his place again", ( 1 Samuel 29:4 ) . Such as these might speak against him, as they sat and rode in their chariots; when at their tables, conversing together; or at their council boards, forming schemes against him: the phrase denotes their constant practice, as Kimchi observes; see ( Psalms 50:20 ) ; herein David was a type of Christ, whom the princes of this world conspired against, and whose life they took away, ( Psalms 2:2 ) ( 1 Corinthians 2:8 ) ;

[but] thy servant did meditate in thy statutes;
what the princes did or said against him did not divert his mind, or take off his thoughts from the word of God, and the ordinances of it; he thought of them, he spoke and discoursed of them; he declared them, as the word F23 sometimes signifies, and so the Targum takes it here; he was not afraid nor ashamed to profess his regard unto them: as Daniel, when he knew that the presidents and princes had obtained a royal decree, and the writing was signed; yet went into his chamber, as at other times, and kneeled down and prayed to God, ( Daniel 6:10 ) .


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