Psalms 119:55

55 In the night, LORD, I remember your name, that I may keep your law.

Psalms 119:55 in Other Translations

55 I have remembered thy name, O LORD, in the night, and have kept thy law.
55 I remember your name in the night, O LORD, and keep your law.
55 I reflect at night on who you are, O LORD ; therefore, I obey your instructions.
55 I meditate on your name all night, God, treasuring your revelation, O God.
55 I remember Your name in the night, Lord, and I keep Your law.

Psalms 119:55 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 119:55

I have remembered thy name, O Lord, in the night
In the night of distress and affliction, as Jarchi; or rather literally, in the night season, when on his bed and awake: while others were asleep, he revolved in his mind the greatness of the divine Being; the perfections of his nature; his wonderful works of creation, providence, and grace; his word and ordinances, by which he was made known unto the sons of men; and these he called to mind and meditated upon in the night watches, to encourage his faith and hope in the Lord, and draw out his love and affection to him; and have kept thy law:
though imperfectly, yet spiritually, sincerely, heartily, and from a principle of love and gratitude, and with a view to the glory of God, and without mercenary and sinister ends.

Psalms 119:55 In-Context

53 Indignation grips me because of the wicked, who have forsaken your law.
54 Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge.
55 In the night, LORD, I remember your name, that I may keep your law.
56 This has been my practice: I obey your precepts.
57 You are my portion, LORD; I have promised to obey your words.

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