Psalm 18:32

32 It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.

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It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.
the God who equipped me with strength and made my way blameless.
God arms me with strength, and he makes my way perfect.

What does Psalm 18:32 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Psalms 18:32

[It is] God that girdeth me with strength
For battle, as in ( Psalms 18:39 ) ; with strength of body and fortitude of mind; both which are from the Lord, and were in David; and were acknowledged by him as bestowed on him by the Lord; and which confirms what he had before said of him: or with spiritual strength, with strength in his soul, against sin, Satan, and the world; and to do the will and work of God: saints are girt by the Lord with the whole armour of God, and among the rest with the girdle of truth; and are prepared and ready to every good work; see ( 1 Samuel 2:4 ) . Hannah's song is again referred to: in ( 2 Samuel 22:33 ) , the words are, "God is my strength [and] power"; they are true of Christ, the man of God's right hand, whom he promised to strengthen, and whom he has made strong for himself, ( Psalms 80:17 ) ( 89:21 ) ;

and maketh my way perfect;
or safe, or prosperous. God removed every impediment and obstacle out of his way, and made it plain and easy, as Jarchi observes; and succeeded him, and gave him victory over his enemies; this has been verified in Christ, who has conquered sin, Satan, the world, death, and the grave: for this is not to be understood of the way and course of David's life and conversation, which was not perfect and unspotted, but had many blemishes and imperfections in it, which he often owns, confesses, and bewails.

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