Psalm 47:8

8 God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne.

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God reigneth over the heathen: God sitteth upon the throne of his holiness.
God reigns over the nations; God sits on his holy throne.
God reigns above the nations, sitting on his holy throne.

What does Psalm 47:8 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Psalms 47:8

God reigneth over the Heathen
He reigned over Israel under the former dispensation, and now he reigns over the Gentiles under the Gospel dispensation; as appears by the numerous instances of conversion among them in the first ages of Christianity; and by the many churches that were planted by the means of the apostles; and by the destruction of the Roman Pagan empire under the sixth seal, ( Revelation 6:12-14 ) ( 12:7-10 ) ; and which will still more appear by the destruction of Rome Papal, when all the Heathens shall perish out of the land; and by the fulness and forces of the Gentiles being brought into a submission to him; all which are reasons to sing praises to him;

God sitteth upon the throne of his holiness;
or his holy throne, which is heaven; on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens; on his Father's throne; having done his work on earth he is received up into heaven, and is set down on a throne at the right hand of God, an honour which none of the angels have: he has ceased from his work and entered into his rest, and sits and sees of the travail of his soul; all which is matter of joy to his people, and a reason why they should sing praises; and the rather, since they are set down with him in heavenly places: or this may be understood of his sitting on the throne of judgment to judge the world in righteousness at the last day, it following upon his reign over the Gentiles; though the other sense best agrees with his immediate ascension to heaven.

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