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Psalms 60:1

For the director of music. To the tune of “The Lily of the Covenant.” A miktam of David. For teaching. When he fought Aram Naharaim and Aram Zobah, and when Joab returned and struck down twelve thousand Edomites in the Valley of Salt.

1 [a][b][c][d]You have rejected us, God, and burst upon us; you have been angry—now restore us!

Psalms 60:1 in Other Translations

1 O God, thou hast cast us off, thou hast scattered us, thou hast been displeased; O turn thyself to us again.
1 O God, you have rejected us, broken our defenses; you have been angry; oh, restore us.
1 You have rejected us, O God, and broken our defenses. You have been angry with us; now restore us to your favor.
1 God! you walked off and left us, kicked our defenses to bits And stalked off angry. Come back. Oh please, come back!
1 God, You have rejected us; You have broken out against us; You have been angry. Restore us!

Psalms 60:1 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 60:1

O God, thou hast cast us off
What is said in this verse, and ( Psalms 60:2 Psalms 60:3 ) , are by some applied to times past; to the distress of the people Israel by their neighbours in the times of the judges; to their being smitten by the Philistines, in the times of Eli and Samuel; and to the victory they obtained over them, when Saul and his sons were slain; and to the civil wars between the house of Saul and David; but rather the whole belongs to future times, which David, by a prophetic spirit, was led to on the occasion of the victory obtained, when before this the nation had been in bad circumstances. This refers to the casting off of the Jews as a church and nation, when they had rejected the Messiah and killed him, persecuted his apostles, and despised his Gospel; of which see ( Romans 11:15 Romans 11:19-21 ) ;

thou hast scattered us;
as they were by the Romans among the various nations of the world, and among whom they are dispersed to this day; or "thou hast broken us" F11, as in ( Psalms 80:12 ) ; not only the walls of their city were broken by the battering rams of the Romans, but their commonwealth, their civil state, were broke to pieces by them. Jarchi applies this to the Romans; his note is this;

``when Edom fell by his hand (David's), he foresaw, by the Holy Ghost, that the Romans would rule over Israel, and decree hard decrees concerning them;''

thou hast been displeased;
not only with their immorality and profaneness, with their hypocrisy and insincerity, with their will worship and superstition, and the observance of the traditions of their elders; but also with their rejection of the Messiah, and contempt of his Gospel and ordinances;

O turn thyself to us again;
which prayer will be made by them, when they shall become sensible of their sins, and of their state and condition, and shall turn unto the Lord; and when he will turn himself to them, and turn away iniquity from them, and all Israel shall be saved, ( Romans 11:25 Romans 11:26 ) ; or "thou wilt return unto us" F12; who before were cast off, broken, and he was displeased with; or others to us.


F11 (wnturp) "rupisti nos", Montanus, Michaelis; "disrupisti", Gejerus; so Ainsworth.
F12 (wnl bbwvt) "reverteris ad nos", Pagninus, Montanus; "reduces ad nos", Gussetius, p. 836.

Psalms 60:1 In-Context

1 You have rejected us, God, and burst upon us; you have been angry—now restore us!
2 You have shaken the land and torn it open; mend its fractures, for it is quaking.
3 You have shown your people desperate times; you have given us wine that makes us stagger.
4 But for those who fear you, you have raised a banner to be unfurled against the bow.
5 Save us and help us with your right hand, that those you love may be delivered.

Cross References 3

  • 1. 2 Samuel 5:20; Psalms 44:9
  • 2. Psalms 79:5
  • 3. Psalms 80:3

Footnotes 4

  • [a]. In Hebrew texts 60:1-12 is numbered 60:3-14.
  • [b]. Title: Probably a literary or musical term
  • [c]. Title: That is, Arameans of Northwest Mesopotamia
  • [d]. Title: That is, Arameans of central Syria
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