Psalm 86:10

10 For you are great and do marvelous deeds; you alone are God.

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For thou art great, and doest wondrous things: thou art God alone.
For you are great and do wondrous things; you alone are God.
For you are great and perform wonderful deeds. You alone are God.

What does Psalm 86:10 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Psalms 86:10

For thou art great
In his nature, and the perfections of it; in his power, wisdom, truth, faithfulness, love, grace, and mercy; and in all his persons; the Father is great, greater than all; the Son is the great God, and our Saviour; and the Spirit, which is in his people, is greater than he that is in the world:

and doest wondrous things;
in nature and providence; such as the forming of all things out of nothing; upholding all things by the word of his power; the formation of man, soul and body, and the union of both; and the constant government of the world; and more especially in grace, as the provision in the covenant in eternity, the mission of Christ in time, the conversion of a sinner, and bringing him to eternal glory:

thou art God alone;
to the exclusion of all such who are not gods by nature; but not to the exclusion of the Son and Spirit, who are, with the Father, the one God, ( 1 John 5:7 ) .

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