Bible Verses About Humility

Bible Verses about Humility - Scriptures to Humble our Pride

We know from God's Word that he resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. How can we know that we are living in humility and ready to receive God's blessings? Humility is the ability to be without pride or arrogance and it is a principal character that should be seen in those who follow Jesus Christ. Jesus is the best example of someone who humbly followed God's plan for His life.

Proverbs is filled with warnings of those who refuse to be humble. The New Testament is full of blessings for those who put others before themselves. You will miss out on the blessed, abundant life that God wants for you if you refuse to let get of pride and follow His purpose in your life. Be encouraged by these Bible verses about humility and start choosing today to come humbly before God so He can lift you up!

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