Bible Verses about Protesting

Can Christians be a part of peaceful protests? What would Jesus do in the face of injustice? There are many Bible verses we can find for guidance and wisdom when it comes to participating in protesting. Scripture tells us that Christians are to be a light in the darkness and to speak up for those who have no voice. Some believe that protesting is a sign of disrespect for authority, however, we are also to call out and condemn evil and sinful behavior. If you are wondering what the Bible has to say about protesting, this collection of Bible verses will offer guidance as the Holy Spirit speaks to you. While the Bible does not specifically address protests, we can learn from how God responds to injustice and what he has called his followers to do.

Sometimes we don’t know what to do after something like this - what do we say, how do we act, what can we do for justice? We can peacefully protest with others, we can speak out with righteous anger, we can share God’s truth, we can spread love, we can have compassion, we can donate to causes, we can contact our congressmen and women, and we can contact our local, regional, and state police departments. And we can and should also pray through all of these things; through every hard and challenging day and through every promising and hopeful day. Let us not be silent in our communities and let us not be silent in our prayers.