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Deuteronomy 26

1 When thou art come in to the londe whiche the Lorde thy God geueth the to enherett and hast enioyed it and dwellest there in:
2 take of the first of all the frute of the erthe, which thou hast brought in out of the lande that the Lorde thy God geueth the and put it in a maunde and goo vnto the place which the Lorde thy God shall chose to make his name dwell there.
3 And thou shalt come vnto the preast that shalbe in those dayes ad saye vnto him I knowledge this daye vnto the Lorde thy God, that I am come vnto the contre whiche the Lorde sware vnto oure fathers for to geue vs.
4 And the preast shall take the maunde out of thine hande, and set it doune before the alter of the Lorde thy God.
5 And thou shalt answere ad saye before the Lorde thy God: The Sirians wolde haue destroyed my father, and he went doune in to Egipte ad sogeorned there with a few folke and grewe there vnto a nacyon greate, myghtie and full of people.
6 And the Egiptians vexed us ad troubled vs, and laded vs with cruell bondage.
7 And we cried vnto the Lorde God of oure fathers, and the Lorde herde oure voyce and loked on oure aduersyte, laboure and oppressyon.
8 And the Lorde brought vs out of Egipte with a mightye hande and a stretched out arme and with greate tereblenesse and with sygnes and wonders.
9 And he hath brought vs in to this place and hath geue vs this londe that floweth with mylke and honye.
10 And nowe loo, I haue brought the first frutes off the londe whiche the Lorde hath geuen me. And set it before the Lorde thy God and worshepe before the Lorde thy God
11 and reioyse ouer all the good thinges whiche the Lorde thy God hath geue vnto the and vnto thyne housse, both thou the Leuite and the straunger that is amonge you.
12 When thou hast made an ende of tithynge all the tithes of thine encrease the thyrde yere, the yere of tythynge: and hast geuen it vnto the Leuite, the straunger, the fatherlesse ad the wedowe, and they haue eaten in thy gates ad fylled them selues.
13 Then saye before the Lorde thy God: I haue brought the halowed thinges out of myne housse and haue geuen them vnto the Leuite, the straunger, the fatherlesse and the wedowe acordynge to all the commaundmentes which thou commaundest me: I haue not ouerskypped thy commaundmentes, nor forgetten them.
14 I haue not eaten thereof in my moornynge nor taken awaye thereof vnto any vnclennesse, nor spente thereof aboute any deed corse: but haue herkened vnto the uoyce of the Lorde my God, and haue done after all that he commauded me,
15 loke doune from thy holy habitacyon heauen and blesse thy people Israel and the lande which thou hast geuen vs (as thou swarest vnto oure fathers) a lond that floweth with mylke and honye.
16 This daye the Lorde thy God hath commaunded the to doo these ordinaunces and lawes. Kepe them therfore and doo them with all thyne hert and all thy soule.
17 Thou hast sett vpp the Lorde this daye to be thy God and to walke in hys wayes and to kepe his ordinaunces, his commaundmentes and his lawes, and to herken vnto his voyce.
18 And the Lord hath sett the vp this daye, to be a seuerall people vnto him (as he hath promysed the) and that thou kepe his commaundmentes,
19 and to make the hye aboue all nacyons which he hath made, in prayse, in name and honoure: that thou mayst be an holy people vnto the Lord thy God, as he hath sayed.
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