Deuteronomy 30

1 When all these wordes are come vpo the whether it be the blessinge or the cursse which I haue set before the: yet yf thou turne vnto thyne hert amonge all the nacions whother the Lorde thi God hath thruste the,
2 and come agayne vnto the Lorde thi God ad herken vnto his voyce acordinge to all that I comaunde the this daye: both thou and thi childern with all thine hert and all thi soule:
3 Then the Lorde thi God wil turne thi captiuite ad haue coppassion vpo the ad goo ad fett the agayne from all the nacions, amoge which the Lorde thi God shall haue scatered the.
4 Though thou wast cast vnto the extreme partes of heauen: euen from thence will the Lorde thi God gather the and from thence fett the
5 and brynge the in to the lande which thi fathers possessed, and thou shalt enioye it. And he will shewe the kyndnesse and multiplye the aboue thi fathers.
6 And the Lorde thi God will circumcyse thine hert and the hert of thi seed for to loue the Lorde thi God with all thine hert and all thi soule, that thou mayst lyue.
7 And the Lorde thi God will put al these curses vpo thine enemyes and on the that hate the and persecute the.
8 But thou shalt turne and herken vnto the voyce of the Lorde and doo all his commaundmentes which I commaunde the this daye
9 And the Lorde thi God will make the plenteous in all the workes of thine hande and in the frute of thi bodye, in the frute of thi catell and frute of thi lande and in riches. For the Lorde will turne agayne and reioyse ouer the to doo the good, as he reioysed ouer thi fathers:
10 Yf thou herken vnto the voyce of the Lorde thy God, to kepe his commaundmentes and ordynaunces which are written in the boke of this lawe, yf thou turne vnto the Lord thi God with all thine hert and all thi soule.
11 For the commaundment which I commaunde the this daye, is not separated from the nether ferre of.
12 It is not in heauen, that thou neadest to saye: who shall goo vpp for us in to heauen, and fett it us, that we maye heare it ad doo it:
13 Nether is it beyonde the see, that thou shuldest saye: who shall goo ouer see for us and fett it us that we maye heare it and doo it:
14 But the worde is very nye vnto the: euen in thi mouth and in thine hert, that thou doo it.
15 Beholde I haue sett before you this daye lyfe and good, deeth and euell:
16 in that I commaunde the this daye to loue the Lorde thi God and to walke in his wayes and to kepe his commaundementes, his ordynaunces and his lawes: that thou mayst lyue and multipye, and that the Lorde thy God man blesse the in the londe whother thou goest to possesse it.
17 But and yf thyne hert turne awaye, so that thou wilt not heare: but shalt goo astraye and worshepe straunge goddes and serue them,
18 I pronounce vnto you this daye, that ye shal surely peresh and that ye shall not prolonge youre dayes vppon the londe whother thou passest ouer Iordayne to goo and possesse it.
19 I call to recorde this daye vnto you, heauen and erth, that I haue sett before you lyfe and deeth, blessynge and cursynge: but chose lyfe, that thou and thi seed maye lyue,
20 in that thou louest the Lorde thi God herkenest vnto his voyce and cleauest vnto him. For he is thi life and the lengthe of thi dayes, that thou mayst dwell vppon the erth which the Lorde sware vnto thi fathers: Abraham, Isaac and Iacob to geue them.
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