Exodus 24

1 And he sayde vnto Moses: come vnto the Lorde: both thou and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and the .lxx. elders of Israel, and worshippe a ferre of.
2 And Moses went him selfe alone vnto the Lorde, but they came not nye, nether came the people vp with him.
3 And Moses came ad tolde the people al the wordes of the Lorde and all the lawes. And all the people answered with one voyce and sayde: all the wordes which the Lorde hath sayde, will wee doo.
4 Then Moses wrote all the wordes of the Lorde and rose vp early ad made an alter vnder the hyll, and .xij. pilers acordynge to the nombre of the .xij. trybes of Israel,
5 ad sent yonge men of the childern of Israel to sacryfyce burntoffrynges ad to offre peaceoffrynges of oxen vnto the Lorde.
6 And Moses toke halfe of the bloude and put it in basens, and the otherhalfe he sprenkeld on the alter.
7 And he toke the boke of the appoyntment and red it in the audience of the people. And they seyde. All that the Lorde hath sayde, we will do and heare.
8 And Moses toke the bloude ad sprinkeld it on the people ad sayde: beholde, this is the bloude of the appoyntment which the Lorde hath made wyth you apon all these wordes.
9 Then went Moses and Aaron, Nadab ad Abihu and the .lxx. elders of Israel vppe,
10 and sawe the God of Israel, and vnder his fete as it were a brycke worde of Saphir and as it were the facyon of heauen when is it cleare,
11 and apo the nobles of the childern of Israel he sett not his hande. And when they had sene God they ate and dronke.
12 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: come vpp to me in to the hyll and be there, ad I will geue the tables of stone and a lawe and commaundmentes, which I haue written to teach them.
13 Then Moses rose vppe ad his minister Iosua, and Moses went vppe in to the hyll of God,
14 ad seyde vnto the elders: tarye ye here vntill we come agayne vnto you: And beholde here is Aaron and Hur with you. Yf any man haue any maters to doo, let him come to them
15 when Moses was come vpp in to the mounte, a clowde couered the hyll,
16 and the glorye of the Lorde abode apon mounte Sinai, and the clowde couered it .vi. dayes. And the seuenth daye he called vnto Moses out of the clowde.
17 And the facyon of the glorie of the Lorde was like consumynge fyre on the toppe of the hyll in the syghte of the childern of Israel.
18 And Moses went in to the mountayne And Moses was in the mounte .xl. dayes and xl. nyghtes.

Exodus 24 Commentary

Chapter 24

Moses is called up into the mountain, The people promise obedience. (1-8) The glory of the Lord appears. (9-11) Moses goes up into the mountain. (12-18)

Verses 1-8 A solemn covenant was made between God and Israel. Very solemn it was, typifying the covenant of grace between God and believers, through Christ. As soon as God separated to himself a peculiar people, he governed them by a written word, as he has done ever since. God's covenants and commands are so just in themselves, and so much for our good, that the more we think of them, and the more plainly and fully they are set before us, the more reason we may see to comply with them. The blood of the sacrifice was sprinkled on the altar, on the book, and on the people. Neither their persons, their moral obedience, nor religious services, would meet with acceptance from a holy God, except through the shedding and sprinkling' of blood. Also the blessings granted unto them were all of mercy; and the Lord would deal with them in kindness. Thus the sinner, by faith in the blood of Christ, renders willing and acceptable obedience.

Verses 9-11 The elders saw the God of Israel; they had some glimpse of his glory, though whatever they saw, it was something of which no image or picture could be made, yet enough to satisfy them that God was with them of a truth. Nothing is described but what was under his feet. The sapphires are the pavement under his feet; let us put all the wealth of this world under our feet, and not in our hearts. Thus the believer sees in the face of Jesus Christ, far clearer discoveries of the glorious justice and holiness of God, than ever he saw under terrifying convictions; and through the Saviour, holds communion with a holy God.

Verses 12-18 A cloud covered the mount six days; a token of God's special presence there. Moses was sure that he who called him up would protect him. Even those glorious attributes of God which are most terrible to the wicked, the saints with humble reverence rejoice in. And through faith in the atoning Sacrifice, we hope for greater honour than Moses ever enjoyed on earth. Now we see through a glass darkly, but when he shall appear, then face to face. This vision of God will continue with equal, if not increasing brightness of joy; not for a few days only, but through eternity.

Chapter Summary


In this chapter we have an account that Moses was ordered to come up to the Lord alone, Ex 24:1,2, but that before he did go up, he related to the people all the above laws delivered to him, which they promised obedience to, and so a covenant was made between God and the people by sacrifice, and by the sprinkling of blood, Ex 24:3-8, upon which he and Aaron, and his two sons and seventy elders of Israel, went up part of the mountain, and had a vision of God, Ex 24:9-11, when Moses with Joshua was called, and went up higher, until at length he entered into the cloud where the Lord was, and continued forty days and forty nights, Ex 24:12-18.

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