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Genesis 7:18-24

18 And the water prevayled and increased exceadingly vppon the erth: and the arke went vppo he toppe of the waters.
19 And the waters prevayled excedingly above mesure vppo the erth so that all the hye hylles which are vnder all the partes of heaven were covered:
20 eve .xv. cubytes hye prevayled the waters so that the hylles were covered.
21 And all fleshe that moved on the erth bothe birdes catell and beastes perisshed with al that crepte on the erth and all men:
22 so that all that had the breth of liffe in the nostrels of it thorow out all that was on drye lond dyed.
23 Thus was destroyed all that was vppo the erth both man beastes wormes and foules of the ayre so that they were destroyed from the erth: save Noe was reserved only and they that were wyth hym in the arke.
24 And the waters prevayled vppon the erth an hundred and fyftye dayes.
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