Hebrews 5:6-14

6 As he also in another place speaketh: Thou arte a prest for ever after the order of Melchisedech.
7 Which in the dayes of his flesshe did offer vp prayers and sup plicacions with stronge cryinge and teares vnto him that was able to save him from deeth: and was also hearde because of his godlines.
8 And though he were Goddes sonne yet learned he obediece by tho thynges which he suffered
9 and was made parfaite and the cause of eternall saluacion vnto all them that obey him:
10 and is called of God an hye prest after the order of Melchisedech.
11 Wherof we have many thynges to saye which are harde to be vttered: because ye are dull of hearinge.
12 For when as cocerninge ye tyme ye ought to be teachers yet have ye nede agayne that we teache you the fyrst principles of the worde of god: and are become soche as have nede of mylke and not of stronge meate:
13 For every man that is feed with mylke is inexperte in the worde of rightewesnes. For he is but a babe.
14 But stronge meate belongeth to them that are parfecte which thorow custome have their wittes exercised to iudge both good and evyll also.
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