John 11:25-35

25 Iesus sayde vnto her: I am the resurreccion and the lyfe: He that beleveth on me ye though he were deed yet shall he lyve.
26 And whosoever lyveth and belevest on me shall never dye. Beleveth thou this?
27 She sayde vnto him: ye Lorde I beleve that thou arte Christ the sonne of god which shuld come into the worlde.
28 And assone as she had so sayde she went her waye and called Marie her sister secretly sayinge: The master is come and calleth for the
29 And she assone as she hearde that arose quickly and came vnto him.
30 Iesus was not yet come into the toune: but was in the place where Martha met him.
31 The Iewes then which were with her in the housse and comforted her when they sawe Mary that she rose vp hastely and went out folowed her saying: She goeth vnto the grave to wepe there.
32 Then when Mary was come where Iesus was and sawe him she fell doune at his fete sayinge vnto him: Lorde yf thou haddest bene here my brother had not bene deed.
33 When Iesus sawe her wepe and ye Iewes also wepe which came wt her he groned in ye sprete and was troubled in him selfe
34 and sayde: Where have ye layed him? They sayde vnto him: Lorde come and se.
35 And Iesus wept.
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