Leviticus 8

1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge:
2 take Aaron and his sonnes with hi, and the vestures and the anoyntinge oyle, and an oxe for a synneofferynge and two rammes ad a baskett of swete bred:
3 ad gather all the comentye together vnto the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse.
4 And Moses dyd as the Lorde commaunded him, and the people gathered them selues togither vnto the doore of the tabernacle of witnesse.
5 And Moses sayde vnto the people: this is the thinge which the Lorde commaunded to do.
6 And Moses broughte Aaron and his sonnes, and wasshed them with water,
7 and put apon him the albe and gyrde him with a girdel and put apon him the tunycle and put the Ephod thereon, and gyrded him with the broderd girdel of the Ephod, and bounde it vnto him therewith.
8 And he put the brestlappe thereon, ad put in the brestlappe lighte ad perfectnesse.
9 And he put the myter apon his heed ad put apo the myter eue apo the forefrot of it, the golden plate of the holy croune, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
10 And Moses toke the anoyntynge oyle and anoynted the habitacion and all that was therein and sanctified them,
11 and sprynkled thereof apon the alter .vij. tymes and anoynted the alter and all his vessels, and the lauer with hys fote, to sanctifie them.
12 And he poured of the anoyntynge oyle apon Aarons heed and anoynted him to sanctifie him.
13 And he broughte Aarons sonnes and put albes apon them, and gyrde them with gyrdels, ad put bonettes apo their heedes: as the Lorde comaunded Moses
14 And the synneoffrynge was brought. And Aaron and his sonnes put their handes apon the heed of the oxe of the synneoffryng.
15 And when it was slayne, Moses toke of the bloude, and put it apon the hornes of the alter rounde aboute with his finger and purified it, ad poured the bloud vnto the botome of the alter ad sanctified it ad reconcyled it.
16 And he toke all the fatt that was apon the inwardes ad the kal that was on the lyuer ad the two kydneyes with their fatt ad burned it apo the alter.
17 But the oxe, the hide, his flesh ad his donge, he burnt with fire without the hoste, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
18 And he broughte the ram of the burntofferynge, and Aaron ad his sonnes put their handes apon the heed of the ram,
19 and it was kylled. And Moses sprinkled the bloud apo the alter roude aboute,
20 ad cutt the ram in peces ad burnt the heed, the peces ad the fatte,
21 ad wasshed the inwardes ad the legges in water, and burnt the ram euery whitt apo the alter. That was a burntsacrifice of a swete sauoure ad an offrynge vnto the Lorde, as the Lorde comaunded Moses.
22 And he broughte the other ram that was the fullofferynge, and Aaron and his sonnes put their hades apo the heed of the ram:
23 And when it was slayne, Moses toke of the bloude of it, and put it apon the typpe of Aarons ryght eare and apon the thombe of his right hande and apon the great too of his righte fote.
24 Then were Aarons sonnes broughte, ad Moses put of the bloude on the typpe of the right eare of them, and apon the thombes of theire righte handes, and apon the great tooes of their righte fete, and sprinkled the bloud apo the alter rounde aboute.
25 And he toke the fatt ad the rompe ad all the fatt that was apon the inwardes, ad the kall of the lyuer, ad the .ij. kydneyes with their fatt ad their righte shulder.
26 And out of the basket of swete bred that was before the Lorde, he toke one swete cake of oyled bred ad one wafer, ad put the on the fatt ad apon the righte shulder,
27 ad put altogether apo Aarons handes ad apo his sonnes handes, ad waued it a waueofferynge before the Lorde.
28 And tha Moses toke the from of their handes agayne ad burnt the apo the alter, euen apon the burntoffrynge: These are the fulloffrynges of a swete sauoure ad a sacrifice vnto the Lorde.
29 And Moses toke the breste and waued it a waueoffrynge before the Lorde, of the ram of the fuloffrynges: ad it was Moses parte, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
30 And Moses toke of the anoynting oyle ad of the bloude whiche was apon the alter, and sprinkled it apo Aaro ad apon his vestimetes ad apo his sones ad on their vestimetes with hi ad sanctified Aaro ad his vesturs ad his sones and his sonnes vestures also.
31 Then Moses sayde vnto Aaron and his sonnes: boyle the flesh in the doore of the tabernacle of witnesse, and there eate it with the bred that is in the basket of fullofferynges, as the Lorde commaunded sayenge. Aaron and his sonnes shall eate it:
32 ad that whiche remayneth of the flesh and of the brede, burne with fire.
33 And se that ye departe not from the doore of the tabernacle of witnesse seuen dayes longe: vntill the dayes of youre fullofferynges be at an ende. For .vij. dayes must youre hades be filled,
34 as they were this daye: eue so the Lorde hath commauded to do, to reconcyle you with all.
35 Se therfore that ye abyde in the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse daye and nyghte seuen dayes longe: and kepe the watch of the Lorde that ye dye not: for so I am commaunded.
36 And Aaron and his sonnes dyd all thynges which the Lorde commaunded by the hande of Moses.

Leviticus 8 Commentary

Chapter 8

The consecration of Aaron and his sons. (1-13) The offerings of consecration. (14-36)

Verses 1-13 The consecration of Aaron and his sons had been delayed until the tabernacle had been prepared, and the laws of the sacrifices given. Aaron and his sons were washed with water, to signify that they ought to purify themselves from all sinful dispositions, and ever after to keep themselves pure. Christ washes those from their sins in his own blood whom he makes kings and priests to our God, ( revelation 1:5 revelation 1:6 ) ; and those that draw near to God must be washed in pure water, ( Hebrews 10:22 ) . The anointing of Aaron was to typify the anointing of Christ with the Spirit, which was not given by measure to him. All believers have received the anointing.

Verses 14-36 In these types we see our great High Priest, even Christ Jesus, solemnly appointed, anointed, and invested with his sacred office, by his own blood, and the influences of his Holy Spirit. He sanctifies the ordinances of religion, to the benefit of his people and the honour of God the Father; who for his sake accepts our worship, though it is polluted with sin. We may also rejoice, that he is a merciful and faithful High Priest, full of compassion to the feeble-minded and tempest-tossed soul. All true Christians are consecrated to be spiritual priests. We should seriously ask ourselves, whether in our daily walk we study to maintain this character? and abound in spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God through Christ? If so, still there is no cause for boasting. Let us not despise our fellow-sinners; but remembering what we have done, and how we are saved, let us seek and pray for their salvation.

Chapter Summary


The order for the consecration of Aaron and his sons is renewed, Le 8:1-3 which accordingly was set about and performed by Moses, Le 8:4,5 who having first washed and clothed them, first Aaron, and then his sons, with the garments of the priesthood, anointing at the same time the tabernacle of the altar, and what appertained to them and Aaron also, Le 8:6-13 and then he slew the bullock for the sin offering, and the ram for the burnt offering, and the ram of consecration; and did with the blood, fat, shoulder, and breast, and the meat offering belonging thereunto, as he had been directed, Le 8:14-30 and the chapter is concluded with some instructions about boiling the flesh, and burning the remainder of it, and keeping the charge of the Lord night and day for seven days, Le 8:31-36.

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