1 The childern of Rube and the childern of Gad had an exceadinge greate multitude of catell. And whe they sawe the lode of Iaeser and the lode of Gilead yt it was an apte place for catell
2 they came and spake vnto Moses and Eleazer ye preast and vnto ye lordes of ye cogregacio sayenge.
3 The lode of Ataroth Dibo and Beon
4 whiche contre ye Lorde smote before the congregacion of Israel: is a londe for catell and we thy servauntes haue catell
5 wherfore (sayed they) yf we haue founde grace in thy syghte let this londe be geuen vnto thy servauntes to possesse and bringe vs not ouer Iordane.
6 And Moses sayed vnto the childre of Gad and of Ruben: shall youre brethern goo to warre and ye tarye here?
7 Wherfore discorage ye the hertes of the children of Israel for to goo ouer into the londe which the Lorde hath geue them?
8 This dyd youre fathers whe I sent them from Cades bernea to se the londe.
9 And they went vp euen vnto the ryuer of Escol and sawe the londe and discoraged the hertes of the childern of Israel that they shulde not goo in to the londe whiche the Lorde had geuen them.
10 And the Lorde was wroth the same tyme and sware sayenge: