Philippians 4:9-19

9 those same have ye in youre mynde which ye have both learned and receaved herde and also sene in me: those thynges do and the god of peace shalbe with you.
10 I reioyse in the lorde greatly that now at the last ye are revived agayne to care for me in yt wherein ye were also carefull but ye lacked oportunite.
11 I speake not because of necessitie. For I have learned in whatsoever estate I am therewith to be content.
12 I can both cast doune my silfe I can also excede. Every where and in all thynges I am instructed both to be full and to be hongry: to have plenty and to suffre nede.
13 I can do all thynges thorow the helpe of Christ which strengtheth me.
14 Not wistondynge ye have well done that ye bare parte with me in my tribvlacion.
15 Ye of Philippos knowe that in the begynnynge of the gospell when I departed from Macedonia no congregacion bare parte with me as concernynge gevynge and receavynge but ye only.
16 For when I was in Tessalonica ye sent once and afterwarde agayne vnto my nedes:
17 not that I desyre gyftes: but I desyre aboudant frute on youre parte.
18 I receaved all and have plentie. I was even filled after that I had receaved of Epaphroditus that which came from you an odour that smelleth swete a sacrifice accepted and plesaunt to God.
19 My god fulfill all youre nedes thorow his glorious riches in Iesu Christ.
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