What Do We Learn about Miracles from John Chapter 5?

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In John 5, we see the man that was beside the pool that Jesus healed. He had been waiting for healing and Jesus came and He healed him. What we learned from John 5, I believe, is that we learned not to walk around praying for healing for everyone, but to expect miracles, to believe that God can intervene in our lives in such a way to make a difference.

If I have a friend and they come and they say they need prayer about something, or they might not even say they need prayer, but they say that they have a need, I can pray for them. I can help point them to Christ. I can say, "He will answer the prayer. It may not be immediately, but He knows what's going on."

I think in today's time, sometimes we forget that God is still at work. He's alive and He is involved in our lives. We should expect miracles. What I take away from John 5 is to expect God to move, expect miracles in the lives of people.