8 Therefore the deacons and all Judah did by all things which Jehoiada, the bishop, had commanded; and (they) all took the men, that were with them, and came by the order of [the] sabbath with them, that had [ful]filled now the sabbath, and should go out. For Jehoiada, the bishop, suffered not the companies to go away, that were wont to come one after the tother by each week. (And so the Levites, and all the men of Judah, did all that the High Priest Jehoiada had commanded; and they took the men who were with them, and had come in by the order of the sabbath, with them who had fulfilled the sabbath, and should now go out. For the High Priest Jehoiada, did not allow any of the companies, who were wont to come one after the other by each week, to go away.)