Esther 1:6

6 And tents of the colour of the air, and of gold, and of jacinth, were held up with cords of bis, and of purple, and they hanged on each side, the which tents were set-in (with) circles of ivory, and they were underset with pillars of marble; also there were ordained seats, at the manner of beds, of gold and of silver, upon the pavement (that was) arrayed with smaragdus and with other diverse and precious stones; the which pavement painture (was) made fair by wonderful diversity. (And curtains coloured white, and gold, and blue, were held up with cords of fine linen, and of purple, and hung up all over the grounds, and these hangings were inset with ivory rings, and underset with marble pillars; and there were seats, or couches, of gold and silver, placed on the pavement that was arrayed with emeralds and other diverse and precious stones; and so the painting of the pavement was made beautiful with wonderful diversity.)
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