31 But also then the sons of Benjamin brake out from the city boldly, and they pursued further the adversaries fleeing, so that they wounded of Israel, as they did in the first day, and the second, and they killed by two paths Israel turning (their) backs; of the which paths one was straight out into Bethel, and the tother into Gibeah. And Benjamin threw down about thirty men of Israel; (And then the Benjaminites broke out boldly from the city, and again they pursued their adversaries, and made them to flee; and they struck the Israelites, like they did on the first day, and on the second; and on two paths they killed the Israelites who had turned their backs to them; of the which paths one went straight out to Bethel, and the other into Gibeah. And so the Benjaminites threw down about thirty more men of Israel;)