44 Also they numbered in that day the men that were over the keeping places of the treasure(s), to receive (the) moist sacrifices, and the first fruits, and (the) tithes, that in (the) seemliness, or fairness, of doing of thankings to the Lord, (the) princes of the city should bring in by them, (for the) priests and deacons; for Judah was glad in (the) priests and deacons (that were) present. (And on that day men were ordained to take charge of the storerooms for the contributions, that is, to receive the offerings, and the first fruits, and the tithes; they were to gather in the portions, required by the Law, from all the fields near the cities, for the priests and the Levites; for all Judah was well pleased with the service of the priests and the Levites.)