1 Alleluia. In the going out of Israel from Egypt; of the house of Jacob from the heathen people. (Alleluia. When Israel went out from Egypt, yea, the house of Jacob from a people with a strange language;)
2 Judah was made the hallowing of him; Israel the power of him. (Judah was made the Lord's sanctuary; and Israel was made his dominion.)
3 The sea saw, and fled; Jordan was turned aback. (The Red Sea, or the Sea of Reeds, saw it, and fled away; the Jordan River turned back, or backed away.)
4 Mountains full out joyed as rams; and little hills as the lambs of sheep. (The mountains rejoiced like rams; and the little hills like the lambs of sheep.)
5 Thou sea, what was to thee, for thou fleddest; and thou, Jordan, for thou were turned aback? (O Red Sea/O Sea of Reeds, what happened to thee, that thou fleddest away? and O Jordan, why hast thou turned back?)
6 Mountains, ye made full out joy as rams; and little hills, as the lambs of sheep. (O mountains, why did ye rejoice like rams? and ye little hills, like the lambs of sheep?)
7 The earth was moved from the face of the Lord; from the face of God of Jacob. (The earth shaketh at the presence of the Lord; at the presence of the God of Jacob.)
8 Which turned a stone into a pond of waters; and an hard rock into wells of waters. (Who turned the rock into a pool of water; yea, the hard rock cliff into a flowing spring.)