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Exodus 29:37-46

37 seven days thou dost make atonement for the altar, and hast sanctified it, and the altar hath been most holy; all that is coming against the altar is holy.
38 `And this [is] that which thou dost prepare on the altar; two lambs, sons of a year, daily continually;
39 the one lamb thou dost prepare in the morning, and the second lamb thou dost prepare between the evenings;
40 and a tenth [deal] of fine flour, mixed with beaten oil, a fourth part of a hin, and a libation, a fourth part of a hin, of wine, [is] for the one lamb.
41 `And the second lamb thou dost prepare between the evenings; according to the present of the morning, and according to its libation, thou dost prepare for it, for sweet fragrance, a fire-offering, to Jehovah: --
42 a continual burnt-offering for your generations, at the opening of the tent of meeting, before Jehovah, whither I am met with you, to speak unto thee there,
43 and I have met there with the sons of Israel, and it hath been sanctified by My honour.
44 `And I have sanctified the tent of meeting, and the altar, and Aaron and his sons I sanctify for being priests to Me,
45 and I have tabernacled in the midst of the sons of Israel, and have become their God,
46 and they have known that I [am] Jehovah their God, who hath brought them out of the land of Egypt, that I may tabernacle in their midst; I [am] Jehovah their God.