Leviticus 16:1-9

1 And Jehovah speaketh unto Moses, after the death of the two sons of Aaron, in their drawing near before Jehovah, and they die;
2 yea, Jehovah saith unto Moses, `Speak unto Aaron thy brother, and he cometh not in at all times unto the sanctuary within the vail, unto the front of the mercy-seat, which [is] upon the ark, and he dieth not, for in a cloud I am seen upon the mercy-seat.
3 `With this doth Aaron come in unto the sanctuary; with a bullock, a son of the herd, for a sin-offering, and a ram for a burnt-offering;
4 a holy linen coat he putteth on, and linen trousers are on his flesh, and with a linen girdle he girdeth himself, and with a linen mitre he wrappeth himself up; they [are] holy garments; and he hath bathed with water his flesh, and hath put them on.
5 `And from the company of the sons of Israel he taketh two kids of the goats for a sin-offering, and one ram for a burnt-offering;
6 and Aaron hath brought near the bullock of the sin-offering which is his own, and hath made atonement for himself, and for his house;
7 and he hath taken the two goats, and hath caused them to stand before Jehovah, at the opening of the tent of meeting.
8 `And Aaron hath given lots over the two goats, one lot for Jehovah, and one lot for a goat of departure;
9 and Aaron hath brought near the goat on which the lot for Jehovah hath gone up, and hath made it a sin-offering.
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