1 Chronicles 26:13-19 NIV

13 Lots1 were cast for each gate, according to their families, young and old alike.

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14 The lot for the East Gate2 fell to Shelemiah.a Then lots were cast for his son Zechariah,3 a wise counselor, and the lot for the North Gate fell to him.

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    • a 26:14 - A variant of "Meshelemiah"
      15 The lot for the South Gate fell to Obed-Edom,4 and the lot for the storehouse fell to his sons.

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      16 The lots for the West Gate and the Shalleketh Gate on the upper road fell to Shuppim and Hosah. Guard was alongside of guard:
      17 There were six Levites a day on the east, four a day on the north, four a day on the south and two at a time at the storehouse.
      18 As for the court to the west, there were four at the road and two at the court itself.
      19 These were the divisions of the gatekeepers who were descendants of Korah and Merari.5

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