2 Kings 12:8-11 NIV

8 The priests agreed that they would not collect any more money from the people and that they would not repair the temple themselves.
9 Jehoiada the priest took a chest and bored a hole in its lid. He placed it beside the altar, on the right side as one enters the temple of the LORD. The priests who guarded the entrance1 put into the chest all the money2 that was brought to the temple of the LORD.

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10 Whenever they saw that there was a large amount of money in the chest, the royal secretary3 and the high priest came, counted the money that had been brought into the temple of the LORD and put it into bags.

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11 When the amount had been determined, they gave the money to the men appointed to supervise the work on the temple. With it they paid those who worked on the temple of the LORD--the carpenters and builders,