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Advent prepares us not only to commemorate Jesus' first, humble arrival in a manger, but also helps us more fully invite Christ into our present lives while anticipating His final, glorious coming.

One of my favorite biblical role models is Mary of Nazareth. In her life I have found a wealth of wisdom for my own walk with God. Her story illustrates many of the characteristics of the kind of woman God uses to fulfill His redemptive purposes in our world.

John D. Barry

Imagine having access to God anytime you wanted. Well, you do... through the Bible. Now, let’s go through 4 steps to take Bible study from dull to incredible.

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Stephen Altrogge

Have you ever had an “I see it!” moment while reading scripture? This usually happens when we notice the details. There’s glory in the details.

I read an interesting story about an old miner who had lived the life of a hermit deep in the mountains of Colorado...

The fine distinctions between one biblical genre and another may be difficult to establish, but it never hurts to start with some basic questions.

Explore the Bible

Explore the Bible

Mark Altrogge

There is a word in the Bible that I’m so glad is there. I’ve come back to it again and again over the years. I have said many times, “Yeah! That’s the word for it. That’s what I’m feeling right now.”

Marc Cortez

Is Proverbs a book of wise advice that anyone can and should follow? I've come to see that a proper reading of Proverbs will change how we see the book in at least three ways.

Tim Brister

Are we talking about the gospel to the neglect of the Spirit’s working in our lives? Are we substituting the gospel for the Spirit when explaining how we operate as Christians in the world? I think those are valid questions, and I want to briefly attempt to answer the question in this post.