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The Bible offers something far more hopeful to people wrestling with homosexuality than the eradication of symptoms (i.e., same-sex attraction). It's the same powerful promise that all of us who struggle with sin need.

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It doesn't diminish the importance of the Holy Spirit at all to approach the Bible with a sensible method of study. The Holy Spirit guides us as we observe, interpret, and apply His Word.

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Once you’ve found chapters and verses on our site, you can read them in a number of translations. But that’s not the end. We've got more tricks just below the reading pane.

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Explore the Bible

Stephen Altrogge

I’m beginning to realize that there’s a big difference between simply achieving goals and achieving goals in a manner that pleases God.

Chris Russell

Sometimes I forget about how far God has brought me in my Christian journey since I first believed about 28 years ago. But the reality has hit me within the past year as I’ve gotten connected to some old friends through… Facebook!

Mark Altrogge

What I mean by “not to be blessed” is not blessed in the way we think we should be. Or the way we want to be. God is so wise that sometimes he withholds blessings from us because he knows we couldn’t handle them.

Stephen Altrogge

Mental illness is tricky business. As Christians it is something we desperately need to talk about yet almost never have the courage to talk about.