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Exodus 23:1-9 (The Message)

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1 "Don't pass on malicious gossip. 2 Don't go along with the crowd in doing evil and don't fudge your testimony in a case just to please the crowd. 3 And just because someone is poor, don't show favoritism in a dispute. 4 "If you find your enemy's ox or donkey loose, take it back to him 5 If you see the donkey of someone who hates you lying helpless under its load, don't walk off and leave it. Help it up. 6 "When there is a dispute concerning your poor, don't tamper with the justice due them. 7 "Stay clear of false accusations. Don't contribute to the death of innocent and good people. I don't let the wicked off the hook. 8 "Don't take bribes. Bribes blind perfectly good eyes and twist the speech of good people. 9 "Don't take advantage of a stranger. You know what it's like to be a stranger; you were strangers in Egypt.
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