You probably know how easy it is to use our multi-search bar from any page on our site. You just type in a book of the Bible, a chapter, a verse, a word, or anything, and we’ll find what you’re looking for in Scripture. Once you’ve found the verses, you can read them in a number of translations.

But that’s not the end.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the reading pane (where the verses are), you’ll find a list of resources connected to that particular verse or section. Each one has a small plus beside it. Click the plus, and you’ll get links to some solid commentaries that will help you in your study. (Tip: Open them in a new tab in your browser by using your alternate click so that you don’t lose track of where you were.)

If you click on “Cross References,” you can also follow a chain of thought through Scripture and see how it relates. You never know where a click might take you and what nugget of wisdom you might dig up.

Try it now on John 3. Read down to the bottom and get started opening up our resources. Then, come back here and tell us what your favorite commentary is.