Hosea 4:1-10 CEB

Israel’s sins and coming punishment

1 Hear the LORD's word, people of Israel; for the LORD has a dispute with the inhabitants of the land. There's no faithful love or loyalty, and no knowledge of God in the land.

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      2 Swearing, lying, murder, together with stealing and adultery are common; bloody crime followed by bloody crime.
      3 Therefore, the earth itself becomes sick, and all who live on it grow weak; together with the wild animals and the birds in the sky, even the fish of the sea are dying.
      4 Yet let no one protest, and let no one complain. Listen, priest, I am angry with your people.a

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        • f 4:4 - Heb uncertain
          5 You will stumble by day; and at nighttime so will your prophet, and I will destroy your mother.
          6 My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Since you have rejected knowledge, so I will reject you from serving me as a priest. Since you have forgotten the Instruction of your God, so also I will forget your children.
          7 The more they increased, the more they sinned against me; they exchanged their glory for shame.
          8 They feed on the sin of my people; they set their hearts on evil things.
          9 The priest will be just like the people; I will punish them for their ways, and judge them for their deeds.
          10 They will eat but not be satisfied; they will have sex like prostitutes, but they will not have children, because they have rejected the LORD to devote themselves to