Isaiah 42:17-25 CEB

Blindness and deafness

17 Turned backward, utterly shamed are those who trust in idols, who say to a cast image, "You are our god!"

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      18 Hear, deaf ones, and blind ones, look and see!
      19 Who is blind if not my servant and deaf like my messenger whom I send? Who is blind like the restored one,a blind like the servant of the LORD?

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        • Ý 42:19 - Heb <i>Meshullam</i>, possibly a proper name
          20 You have seen many things, but don't keep watch. With ears open, you don't hear.b

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            • Þ 42:20 - Or <i>he does not hear</i>
              21 The LORD desired for the sake of his righteousness to expand and glorify the Instruction.
              22 But this is a people plundered and looted, everyone trapped in holes and hidden in dungeons. They have become plunder with no one to rescue, loot with no one to say, "Give it back."
              23 Which of you will listen to this, will pay attention and respond from now on?
              24 Who gave Jacob to the looter, and Israel to the plunderers? Wasn't it the LORD, the one we sinned against? They were not willing to walk in God's ways, and wouldn't listen to his teaching.
              25 So God poured out on Jacob the heat of his anger and the fury of battle. It scorched him, and he didn't know it; it burned him, but he didn't give it much thought.