1 Achitofel said to Avshalom, "Let me now choose 12,000 men, and I will pursue David tonight.
2 I'll fall on him unexpectedly when he's tired and powerless. I'll frighten him, all the people with him will flee, and I'll attack only the king.
3 Then I will bring back to you all the people; and when they have all returned, except the one you are seeking, all the people will be at peace."
4 What he said pleased Avshalom and all the leaders of Isra'el.
5 Then Avshalom said, "Now call also Hushai the Arki, and let's give equal hearing to what he has to say."
6 When Hushai appeared before Avshalom, Avshalom said to him, "Achitofel has said such-and-such. Should we do what he says? If not, you tell us."
7 Hushai said to Avshalom, "The advice Achitofel has given this time is not good.
8 You know," continued Hushai, "that your father and his men are powerful men, and that they are as bitter as a bear deprived of her cubs in the wild. Moreover, your father is a military man, and he won't camp with the rest of the people -
9 right now he's hidden in a pit or somewhere. So what will happen is this: when they begin their attack, and whoever hears about it says, 'A slaughter is taking place among Avshalom's followers,'
10 then even the strongest among them, someone whose courage is that of a lion, will completely collapse! For all Isra'el knows that your father is a powerful man, and those with him are powerful men.